Glee Club choir at MICF


What is Glee Club?

Our famous singalongs are like being in a choir without having to commit to being in a choir. There are no auditions, no solos and you can drink as much as you like while you sing! We don’t mind if your voice is fit, rusty or never-brought-out-in-public-before – we just love getting together for a big group sing of the world’s greatest pop songs.

We have singalong venues at pubs and bars in Melbourne’s CBD, Yarraville, Point Cook, Hawthorn, Ballarat, Brighton, Geelong and Hobart.

If you’re looking for more of a choiry-choir, check out Glee Plus in Southbank and Glee West in Yarraville. These groups run in 10 week seasons working towards a performance (and you can drink as much as you like while you sing!)

And if you’re a kid, we even have a Glee Club for you! You can find us every  Tuesday afternoon in Yarraville.


How do I join?

For our singalongs , all you have to do is turn up! Just grab yourself a ticket (you’ll find ticket links on the singalongs page), then rock up and grab yourself a drink at the bar. You don’t have to bring or prepare anything! There are new singers every session so you won’t be the only one there for the first time.

For our other groups and special events, check out the menu above. And you can sign up to our mailing list by looking to the right if you’re on a PC or scrolling down if you’re on mobile.  We promise not to clog up your inbox! Or drop us an email with any questions here.

“I have been thinking about joining a choir for years and finally turned up, on my own, a little apprehensive. The vibe from Vicky was incredibly welcoming and extremely non-judgemental. When she said, ‘If you find the harmonies tricky just sing any note you like, or have another sip of wine if you prefer’ I knew I had come to the right place.

The session caters inclusively and very well for everyone;  from those who are uncertain of their singing ability to those who confidently sight read and harmonise. AND we sound great!

I could not be more impressed with the way this is run.”


It’s Christmas time at Glee Club and we’d love you to get involved

Come see Glee Plus and Glee West perform at Brunswick Ballroom on Sunday Dec 11

See Glee Club for Kids perform at Cruikshank Park on Sunday November 20


‘The Heartbreak Choir’ is showing at Cinema Nova this November.

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