Our singalongs are what Glee Club is all about!

Our motto is “you do you”: there’s never any commitment to come again, there are no solos or auditions and you can hold your drink while you sing!

Each session runs for an hour and fifteen and includes a bunch of songs by the artist being celebrated as well as some trivia and lots of laughs. You don’t need to prepare anything or even know the artist particularly well – we give you all the tools you need to have a fantastic night of singing.

Here are all the sessions coming up:


Geelong Glee Club sings Carole King

Sunday May 15 at 5pm at Beav’s Bar

After a brilliant start to our Geelong Glee Club, we can’t wait to bring the singalongs back every month! This May we’ll be celebrating the songs of the incredible Carole King. Come along for a drink and sing that will launch you into your week in the best way possible.

Book for Geelong Glee Club here


CBD Glee Club sings The Beatles

Tuesday May 17 at 7pm at Fringe Common Rooms

Vicky is twisting and shouting with excitement  to be hosting this one as it’s her favourite band of all-time – The Beatles!

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a range like Paul McCartney, we make it so easy that everyone can sing along and even sing The Beatles famous harmonies – and you’re welcome to hold your drink while we’re doing it!

Book for CBD Glee here


Hobart Glee Club sings Olivia Newton-John

Monday June 6 at 6:30pm at Irish Murphy’s

It’s time to get out your roller skates and your high-cut leotards* because we’re celebrating one of Australia’s best this month at Glee Club! Come along for an hour and a bit of singing good times. No solos, no commitment to come again and you can hold your drink while you sing.
*NB roller skates and high-cut leotards completely optional

Come along, grab a drink and a meal from our friends at Irish Murphy’s and join in for the singalong that will leave you feeling fab.

Book for Hobart Glee Club here


Bayside Glee Club sings George Michael

Thursday June 9 at 7pm at Brighton Beach Bowls Club

Wake me up before you go go to our George Michael singalong at Bayside Glee Club! It will be an excellent mix of meaningful ballads and lightweight pop with some gorgeous harmonies thrown in for good measure.
Your ticket includes a drink at the bar and we always leave you with a smile on your face and a tune stuck in your head!
Book for Bayside Glee Club here


Yarraville Glee Club sings ABBA

Thursday  June 16 at 7pm at The Vic Hotel

Mamma Mia! It’s time to let rip with as many ABBA songs as we can squish into an hour and a quarter.

Get there early as The Vic do awesome meals (their chips are legendary) then grab a drink and join in!

Book for Yarraville Glee Club here



For all of our singalongs, if you feel unwell at all on the day, please don’t come along. Just let us know and we’ll happily refund your ticket.