Song Club

Are you looking for some inspiration to learn songs and practice singing them in front of other people without leaving home and without the cost of private singing lessons? Then Song Club is for you!

Each month we put 20 songs in a dropbox with EVERYTHING you need to learn them: reference tracks of a great performance of the song, a practice track with the melody clearly played, a practice track with the accompaniment and some notes on how to attack it. 

The songs will be across a range of styles and difficulties. Songs that are perfect for those of you trying out your first solo right through to pro-level songs for those of you who’d like to challenge yourselves. There will be a mix of songs you know and songs that are new to you. And you definitely don’t have to sing all 20. Just pick one or two that speak to you and learn them.

Then every Monday evening we’ll have a zoom get together with Vicky Jacobs at the helm where everyone can try out their songs in front of the group. There’s a 6:30 session for Gleebers and an 8pm session for professionals. You can participate in as many or as few of these sessions across the month as you like. As we always say, you’re the boss of you! At these sessions Vicky will offer some helpful ideas about how to advance this song and your singing a bit more. 

All of this for $45 a month. Your membership takes you through a whole month and then next month there will be a brand new set of songs for you to enjoy learning and singing. 

To sign up for Song Club, fill in this super quick form here or if you have any questions, email Vicky at  You can also check out the songs for June  here.