Glee Club and the virus


We have had to make the tough decision to put all of Glee Club on hold in the short term while we get through this tough time together.

We’re not sure when we’ll be back but we promise the minute we think it’s safe to hang out in a room and sing together, we’ll be doing it!

We also promise to fill our facebook page and insta page with lots of fun and funny singing stuff to lighten your social media feed in this heavy time.

Take care, Gleebers. Wash your hands and keep singing!

Introducing Song Club

Here is something that has been in my mind for ages that I realise now is the perfect time to try out! It’s called Song Club and it’s for those of you who would like to try your hand at some solo singing without any pressure, without having to leave home and without the cost of private singing lessons.

Here’s how it works:

Each month I put 20 songs in a dropbox with EVERYTHING you need to learn them: reference tracks of a great performance of the song, a practice track with the melody clearly played, a practice track with the accompaniment, sheet music and some notes on how to attack it. Here’s the Spotify playlist with this month’s songs for you to check out.

The songs will be across a range of styles and difficulties: songs that are perfect for those of you trying out your first solo right through to pro-level songs for those of you who’d like to challenge yourselves. There will be a mix of songs you know and songs that are new to you. And you definitely don’t have to sing all 20. Just pick one or two that speak to you and learn them.

Then every Tuesday at 6:30 (you know why I like that time!) we’ll have a zoom get together where everyone can try out their songs in front of the group. You can participate in as many or as few of these sessions across the month as you like. As we always say, you’re the boss of you! At these sessions I’ll offer some hopefully helpful ideas about how to advance this song and your singing a bit more. 

All of this for $45 a month. Your membership takes you to the end of April and then when May rolls around, if you’d like to renew your membership of Song Club I’ll have a brand new set of songs for you to enjoy exploring and singing. 

To sign up for April’s Song Club, fill in this super quick form or if you have any questions, email Vicky here

Glee Plus Season 2, 2020

New dates to try and work around our new lives!

We’ve shifted the next round of Glee Plus a little and we will now be launching season 2 on May 31 and working towards a performance at the Common Rooms at Trades Hall on August 22 (pandemic permitting).

Our theme is “Years: how they take so long and go so fast” which was chosen before this whole thing started and suddenly feels very apt!

We anticipate the first set of rehearsals for this will be online rehearsals via everyone’s new best friend, Zoom. I think online rehearsals will work brilliantly for the first few sessions where we’re warming up, getting to know songs and learning our parts. However, you will have to supply your own wine for our wine time breaks!

Rehearsals will be 4:15 – 6:15 on Saturday afternoons. 

I’ve extended the season to be 12 Saturdays long so we’ve got some extra rehearsals up our sleeve in case our zoom rehearsals aren’t as efficient as our normal rehearsals! 

If we are not able to perform on August 22 because we are still not allowed lots of people in a room we can decide to either livestream our performance for our families and friends at home (assuming the group of us can hang out by then) or we can postpone the last bit of our season and perform at a later date. As with so much of our lives at the moment, we will just have to play it by ear!

There will also be the opportunity to do a solo workshop with the solo you work on being including in our final performance. We can be really flexible with the session times for this (at least the first session will be on zoom) so just let me know if you’d like to sign up for the solo workshop and we can figure out when and how this will happen once we’re up and running. 

Here are the details (all things going to plan!):

Dates: May 31 – August 15

Rehearsal times: Saturdays 4:15 – 6:15 

Rehearsal venue: Initially online and transitioning to The Butterfly Club in the CBD

Performances:  2 shows on August 22 at The Common Rooms at Trades Hall

Cost: $340 with a 10% discount for returning Gleebers (if you are a regular Glee Plusser and have been financially hit by this situation, please feel free to drop me an email and we will work something out)

Optional solo workshop: $100 for 2 x private sessions with Vicky (1x20mins and 1x30mins), practice tracks and sheet music.

To register or if you’ve got questions, email Vicky here.

More ideas to get singing at home!

The wonderful Katie Pryce who hosts Glee West is offering zoom singing lessons. Perfect for anyone who would love to improve their technique, Katie is particularly fantastic at helping you find new styles and colours in your voice and will help you fix up any vocal health issues you might be experiencing. So if this is something you’ve been meaning to do, now is the time! You can read Katie’s bio here and email her here.

And if you want to do Vicky’s ultra fun vocal warmups every day – we have an app for that! Check out Warm Me Up appon iPhone or Android – it can create a fresh new warmup for you every day of the week or program your favourites into your own playlists.