Song Club

If you’re looking for something to do that connects you to other people, gives you a sense of accomplishment and puts a smile on your face every week, let us invite you to Song Club!

We give you all the tools you need to learn fantastic songs and then we get together on Monday evenings and share them on zoom. It takes away all the fear factor of a real-life audience and gives you loads of support and encouraging words.

There’s also a new trial option where for just $8 for the month, you get 2 songs to learn and access to the zoom sessions so you can dip your toe in the water and see if it’s for you.

Check out the playlist with August’s songs here.

You can read more about how Song Club works here:

And sign up (for either the full membership or the trial pack) here:


Fun theme nights at Hobart Glee Club this August

We’ve got 5 fabulous Mondays to get together and sing in Hobart this August. Make sure you book as we can’t take bookings at the door at the moment and our numbers are strictly limit. But there is no limit to the fun we’ll have!

August 3: Piano Men– thinking Billy Joel, Elton John and more
August 10: Piano Women– Carole King, Alicia Keys and maybe even a dash of Norah Jones
August 17: Greatest Girl Groups: From The Andrews Sisters to The Spice Girls and some more in between
August 24: Best Boy Bands: From The Beatles to The Backstreet Boys and maybe even some that don’t begin with B….
August 31: Guitar Heroes: All the songs made famous by guitar players…played on piano by the fabulous Amanda!

More ideas to get you singing and inspired with Glee!

We’re posting lots of fun singalong videos on our Facebook page

Our fabulous Glee West leader, Katie Pryce is giving fabulous zoom singing lessons. You can email her here.

Missing Vicky’s ultra fun vocal warmups? We have an app for that! Check out Warm Me Up app on iPhone or Android.

Check out our blog which is going up weekly(ish!) here.

Listen to Vicky chatting about all things singing  with Jan Fran on the Pineapple Project Podcast here.