We’re back – and it was joyous!

Last night was a milestone moment for me and Glee Club – we had our first part real-life, part zoomed Glee. And it worked!

Here’s what we did: we had 10 people singing together in an enormous function room. This gave us room to have them very well spaced (more than the recommended amount). The room has a lovely bouncy acoustic which still made us feel like we were singing in a team and we could appreciate the harmonies we were making. Then we brought in some fancy microphones (I recommend marrying a sound engineer as a cost-effective way to make this happen – although it is something of a long term plan) and we zoomed the session to a big group of people joining in from home.

One of the challenges of the last few months for me has been the decision-making. Will this idea work? Is it responsible? Will it still be fun? I can’t tell you the relief I felt when the positive feedback poured in both from the zoomers and the real-life singers. I feel confident that we provided a safe environment for the singers and glad that we gave people the option to join in if they didn’t feel comfortable singing in a room together. And it definitely was fun!

So I’m treating myself to a large latte this morning while I bathe in the last of the endorphins from a truly joyous evening and I’m looking forward to next Tuesday when we get to do it all again!