It’s our party and we’ll sing if we want to!


It’s Glee Club’s 15th birthday this year and there was a moment there when it looked like being a complete wash out.

But it hasn’t been! It has actually been a joy with a large bunch of Gleebers taking the singing online and becoming a super supportive community that helped each other weather this storm.

And now, thanks to an extraordinary effort by every Victorian, we are actually back singing in real life before the year is out. I still can’t quite believe it! We’ll be at Fairfield Amphitheatre on Dec 6 doing our usual style of Glee Club singalong but outdoors.

It will be quite surreal to sing with other people, hear the harmonies and not just be looking at a screen full of heads in boxes!

Over summer we’ll be doing a whole series of outdoor singalongs where you can bring your picnic blanket or your folding chairs and join in.  And best of all, because we’ll be outside it will be easy to space out and we’ll all feel safe and can be free to sing our hearts out. 

Now we just have to keep our collective fingers crossed for good weather!!

Tickets are still available for the 3:30 session at Fairfield Amphitheatre on Dec 6 here. We’ll have more info about the Summer Singalong Series up on the website very soon!