Who Runs Glee

Vicky Jacobs

Yellow head shot photo credit Kurt Sneddon at BlueprintAs a musical director, pianist and vocal coach, Vicky has worked broadly in Australia’s entertainment industry.

She has been associated with some of the biggest shows to have graced the Australian stage in recent years such as ‘Wicked’, ‘Xanadu’, ‘Les Miserables’ and ‘Grease’. Most recently she toured Australia and Japan as Deputy Musical Director of ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ and she is thrilled to be Associate Musical Director for ‘Beautiful: The Carole King Musical’ opening in Sydney in 2017.  She has been Musical Director of ‘Motherhood The Musical’, and ‘Elegies: A Song Cycle’, and been nominated for Greenroom Awards for her work on ‘John and Jen’ and ‘Thrill Me’. Vicky toured Australasia as Assistant Musical Director for the critically-acclaimed Jersey Boys.

Vicky is proud to be part of the team that developed the Number 1 Vocal Warm Up app for smartphone, Warm Me Up.

But most of all, Vicky enjoys making music for the fun of it so loves sharing her skills with singers and enthusiasts from all walks of life!

“Vicky and Glee Club are fantastic.

I have been thinking about joining a choir for years and finally turned up, on my own, a little apprehensive. The vibe from Vicky was incredibly welcoming and extremely non-judgemental. When she said, ‘If you find the harmonies tricky just sing any note you like, or have another sip of wine if you prefer’ I knew I had come to the right place.

The session caters inclusively and very well for everyone;  from those who are uncertain of their singing ability to those who confidently sight read and harmonise. Vicky also emphasises repeatedly that intermittent attendance is just fine. AND we sound great!

I could not be more impressed with the way this is run.”