Corporate Glee

Join an ever-growing list of companies and organisations such as Melbourne Water, Telstra, Swisse and the Port of Melbourne Corporation and get your team singing in harmony. Singing has been shown to have enormous physical and psychological benefits (don’t believe us, read this) And in a world where creative thinking and risk taking are ever more highly valued, what better place to start than getting the whole team to let down their guard and let their voices out? As part of a well-being program, it certainly makes a change from yoga!

Our sessions focus on the fact that everyone has a voice and all singing is good singing.  We play around with the different sounds we all can make to sing an 80s pop song or a beautiful ballad and we’ll even try out some harmonies.  Usual Glee Club rules apply: no solos and no microphones – just a bit group sing of everyone’s favourite pop songs.  Before you know it, your team will be crooning at their desks and harmonising in the tea room!

There are lots of ways you can use the Glee Club concept in your work environment:

  • We come to you – one of our Glee Club team comes to your event, conference or team off-site and runs a 45 minute – 1 hour group sing-a-long session. We bring keyboard, PA, music, fun times.
  • You come to us – your team comes to The Butterfly Club  in the CBD (just off Little Collins St between Swanston and Elizabeth). We put on cocktails, then we run a 45 minute-1 hour sing-a-long in the Show Room with the option of more drinks at the end.
  • We build a choir – we come to you over a period of weeks and put together a performing choir from your staff members. Perfect for an extra special performance at a Christmas party, farewell or welcome event.

Here’s what one of our Corporate Gleebers had to say:

“Wow what a fantastic experience The City of Port Phillip 10 week Glee Club was! Everyone had such positive feedback after the lunchtime sessions.I could hear people humming at their desks and singing at the photocopier!
Glee Club is the new Yoga & Pilates. Glee Club rocks!”

(Christine from City of Port Phillip)

To book your Corporate Glee Club or find out more: Email Vicky here